Entry requirements

For one to successfully visit the Victoria Falls you have to comply with the following Zimbabwe entrance requirements.These are just quick tips .Some nationalities need to have a visa.a passport that is valid for six months from date of entry.One also needs sufficient funds to cover his /her stay in Zimbabwe and one must prove it at the border.Moreover your passport must have enough blank pages so that it fits the required visa.


For you  to bring your car into Victoria falls one has to comply with the following Zimbabwe entry requirements.You need on original certified copy of vehicle registration book.You can also certify it through the Police ,this is mainly required if the registration book is not in the driver’s name.


The tax is valid for 30 days however,it depends with your engine size.1500cc or below US$6,1501-2000cc US$11,2001-3000cc US$15,3001cc and above US$30.


These are part of the Zimbabwe entry requirements and one needs to comply with them at the border you comply without any problems.They include third party insurance (approx US$30 for 30 days) and you have to purchase it at the border.The other requirement is the temporary import permit (T.I.P) Currently it has n change and is issued at the border.There is also the commercial vehicle guarantee which cost  approximately USD$120  for hire vehicles.You also need to pay the road access fee which costs US$10 per light purchase it at the border.All vehicle must have 2 by white round reflective tape on the front bumper and 2 by 6 inch reflective tape on the rear bumper.If you don’t comply you are liable for a fine.2011 another regulations was introduced tthhat all vehicles must have two red warning triangles and a fire extinguisher with standards association of Zimbabwe approval


Although customs officials have erratic moods in-terms of their day to day policing.This is just a quick summary of some of the basics .Beer must be only quantities reasonable for consumption.Wine 5 liters,Spirits reasonable personal consumption ,meat 25kgs and cash 5000.00 visit this website for more information.



These are categorized into three categories.
(A).Countries that do require a visa to enter into Zimbabwe 
(B).Nationals who are granted a Zimbabwe visa at port of entry upon payment of hard cash[only].It can be obtained at the airport or border post.
(C).Nationals requirements to apply for the Visa and you need to obtain it before traveling .You can use an agency from your country or apply online or visit site for more information.

Children are required to purchase their own if their natinalty falls into the catagorie that demands so.

KAZA UNIVISA.This one allows multiple visits into Zimbabwe and Zambia .However there is  a category of people who qualify for it .Visit this site for more information.


Vehicles must comply with 

  1. Cabon tax
  2. Third party insurance
  3. Temporary import permit
  4. Commercial vehicles guarantee
  5. Roard access fee
  6. Red warning triangles
  7. Zimbabwe visa catogories.

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