Victoria falls

Victoria falls

The Victoria falls are the world’s largest waterfalls.Shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia .Zimbabwe has approximately  75% of the view points and Zambia 25%.This article focus on Zimbabwean side.Victoria falls town is known  as  the adrenaline capital of the world.This is due to the fact that it Victoria falls offers exciting adventure packed activities that see adrenaline addicts visiting from all over the world visiting every year.The adrenaline junk includes bungee jumping ,canoing in the oozing mighty Zambezi river ,white water rafting , kayaking and many other things .Apart from being host to adrenaline adventure activities it also has some of the best offers like helicopter flight over the falls ,Dinner cruises, .It has a reputation of being one of the safest destinations in  Africa hence its ideal for any kind of a visit whether its a Safari and gaming  ,  honeymoon ,wedding ,conference or a vacation all is catered for.It has also earned a reputation of good hospitality and best accommodation in Africa.This article will try to shade more light about this UNESCO world heritage sight.

The Victoria falls town is located in  Matebeleland North Province on the Zimbabwean side.The falls are on the Southern bank of the the Zambezi river.The Zimbabwean side is popular mainly because the host town is named after the falls and many other reasons.The Zambian side is named after the man who discovered the falls that is Livingstone.These falls are regarded as the largest curtain of falling water in  the world [Zimbabwe].The falls are twice as high as Niagara falls.Its spray water is visible from up to 70 km[43 miles ]away.


They were discovered by David Livingstone in 1855.Some sources argue that LivingstoneVictoria falls ,David Livingstone didn’t discover the falls but he was the first European  to publish the falls  to the rest of  the world, the issue is of great debate however ,it’s not our focus.The people who are then given credit for discovering the falls are the Tonga people ,who lived  and are still living along the Zambezi River .The Tonga had already named the falls ‘Mosia oa tunya’ meaning the smoke that thunders and the name has received a fair share of international publicity .The Victoria falls town  began to  attract  attention from as early a  1901 as according to Wikipedia. The attraction was spear heeded by the proposal to use the  water for hydro electricity purposes .A railway was constructed linking the falls and Bulawayo.In 1905  a bridge was constructed linking Zimbabwe and Zambia for more on the history visit this link.The falls were inscribed in the world heritage list in 1989 by UNESCO. There is plenty of lovely history about the falls  found on the Vatonga museum.


Rain forest  

The  spray of the falls  causes  rain to rain  24/7 non stop .This is the only  place on earth  that rains 24/7 .This has created a paradise  called the Victoria falls rain forest.According to Zimbabwe is the lovers ‘s paradise.Victoria falls rain forestThis is because those who love plants either botanists or enthusiasts and those who love birds are always fascinated by this forest.It has plenty flora and fauna and they are rare spices that are only found on this forest.

Fascinating  geographical  landformsVictoria falls great landforms

Geologists and scholars interested in the study of  unique landforms are always  intrigued by the falls.Most visit for study purposes ,some for experiments,some for proof and many other reasons.These  landforms always attract academics from different fields.

Weddings and honeymoons
Marriage is one of  the sweetest blessings on earth but,the experience of celebrating it on a UNESCO world heritage site makes it very special and important.Where by flora and fauna will be congratulating you.Unique landforms,beautiful rainbows on the other hand will be giving your marriage unique blessings.This is why most couples from royal families and celebrities choose this place for weddings and honeymoon.The couples  also get a chance to enjoy luxurious wedding cruises in the Zambezi ,stars above during the wedding will make it romantic and will be just waving you congratulatory remarks from above .

Safari tours and wildlife 
The Victoria falls town is known to be one place were humans and wildlife coexist together .Wildlife can be seen roaming freely around the town.Moreover ,the falls are within the reach of the best African  Safari .The nearest is the mosia oa tunya national park on the Zambian side.Victoria falls,safari and wildlifeThe falls are a few kilometer drive away from Botswana’s famous Chobe national park .The Zimbabwean side has the Victoria falls national park ,there are also other national parks a few kilometers away like Hwange national park.In Victoria falls people get get a chance to enjoy horse back Safari tours,lion walking ,elephant riding ,hunting and many other wildlife and gaming adventures .There are  a lot of wildlife related tours ranging from canoe based to convectional  game drives.

Sports and recreation 

The falls offer a wide range of activities .Apart from popular  sports like football,rugby,golf etc. High adrenaliVictoria falls sports ne pumping blood rushing sports are also an area of attraction.These include white water rafting ,kayaking,canoing ,tiger fishing  and many other.This is why it is called the adrenaline capital .

Check this link for details on other areas of attraction .



Health ,Safety,accommodation and transport

On health issues ,the falls  like  most humid places pose a threat of  water related diseases like malaria ,bilhazia,colds and flu,typhoid and cholera.All these threats are tightly monitored through  a variety of measures like ensuring that all  visitors have received necessary vaccines and many other .In turn visitors are also encouraged to comply with vaccination guidelines ,bring mosquito repellents,anti bacterial,anti malarial peals and other necessary prevention medicine.Upon arrival avoid drinking water from any source but use bottled water and water from protected sources ,avoid buying  fruits and the food in the streets.Good hygiene is required to fullest.

The  Victoria falls town is served by Victoria falls district hospital ,Chinotimba clinic ,Premier medical aid society clinic ,surgeries and private hospitals .

On safety the Victoria falls town is regarded as one of the safest places.Although petty crimes do exist they are nothing of a serious nature however ,one has to  exercise caution .Wild animals are allowed to roam around freely avoid walking in bushes and dark places .

On  transport issues ,the  falls are linked by road ,rail and air.The town has a recently refurbished Victoria falls international airport that now receives direct flights from many destinations around the world.The  Zambian side has the  Livingstone international airport check this link for more about flights.There are also a wide range of tour operators,rental car companies,taxi and many other transport arrangements.

When it comes to accommodation the falls houses some of the best .These include hotels from 5 star,lodges,guest houses etc. Some of best include Victoria falls hotel ,kingdom hotel and many other.

Indeed David Livingstone was correct to say “the place has been gazed by Angels”. It is pure paradise on earth. One can  choose activities and many things to do ,where to stay and make arrangements upon arrival ,but this often causes a lot of  inconveniences,waste time and in other cases waste money .We advise people to first do a comprehensive research about  necessary arrangements and planning needed when one needs to visit .Some of the information is available on this website and other useful websites include Trip advisor. Due to high demand most arrangements are made online so to avoid inconveniences.We have selected a careful set of some the world’s best online booking sites that offer services for Victoria falls,to make your planning easy ,these are among some of the highlighted links on this article ,on the side bar and throughout this website.We are proud to disclose that on most of these links if you complete your arrangements with them we get a commission ,this is of greater help to us to keep us well motivated to write more helpful articles and to keep this site alive .Thank you  for reading our article  feel free  to comment and send feedback.

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