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We are adrenaline junk fanatics and we love to share the happy and adventurous stories about Victoria falls .We tell and help you tell your own side through helping you partake into these adventure activities. bungee jumping ,white water rafting ,kayaking and many more.


Victoria falls ,the world ‘s largest curtain of falling water found on the Zambezi river ,The Victoria falls  are both on the Zimbabwean side and Zambian side ,the falls are seen clearly from the Zimbabwean side .They are named after Queen Victoria of England and  they were published to the whole world by a man called David  Livingstone ,the host town in Zambia is named after him whilst in Zimbabwe it is named after the falls .Stretching over a width of 1700m and standing 108m high makes this a UNESCO world heritage site and the largest water falls in the world ,its the only place that rains 24/7 in the world  .Its also one of the seven wonders of the world and it receives more than 150 000 000 visitors annually.


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The Victoria falls adventures team consists of  writers,who are interested in African tourism ,we have a Passion of telling the whole world not only about “mosia oa tunya”[the smoke that thunders]but  the whole African  story ,the deep African fascinating mystery tourist attractions,however we are fanatics of all the joyful and exciting moments of Victoria falls .Life is very short and we all need to enjoy every moment thus why we fill that the joy happening in Victoria falls must be shared with every one .Moreover, we give  advise on how to prepare your trip,accommodation,flight booking ,latest events ,news and many other helpful tips about adventure in Victoria falls.

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