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Travel insurance for Zimbabwe is a necessity when traveling to Zimbabwe. Travel insurance refers to the money you pay to a certain company so that you get emergency care when unexpected things arise during a tour, holiday or visit. In most cases travel insurance covers you when you lose your luggage, when you get involved in an accident whilst doing activities during your tour, facing health challenges during activities, canceling your trip short. For Victoria Falls we recommend one to acquire travel insurance that covers the latter and many other things.


Travel Insurance for Zimbabwe benefits

If one intends to do some activities that can be risky or events that can lead to an accident. In Victoria Falls they may include but are not limited to bungee jumping, white water rafting, safari and many other. Moreover you can be in a situation where you want to cancel your trip short and return home due to emergency or other reasons hence you need travel insurance to protect you.

Travel insurance ensures you reimbursement of unnecessary expenses which you may happen during your trip. If you find yourself in this situation your travel insurance must cover you to recover your money. However, one needs to be cautious on this because, travel insurance companies take a lot of measures to make sure you prove and make sure that your claims to them are genuine and fall within their terms.

Most people need travel insurance cover whilst in Zimbabwe because like many African countries the country has a lot of challenges that make visitors vulnerable to threats and situations where one may blow his /her budget. The threats include health or non-health related hence travel insurance is greatly needed.

When it comes to choosing travel insurance for Zimbabwe there are many options available. One has to be very careful and read the same terms of the travel insurance closely, because although there are plenty of options available but the terms of service providers differ greatly.

If you need one you can choose some popular companies in Zimbabwe and outside, one can visit  the company’s offices physically and sign up for travel insurance.

The most efficient, modern and time saving method is to get one online. However, one has to be very careful especially when choosing travel insurance online, there is need of a careful scrutiny of the terms of each and every service provider in your wish list and a then choose a better option.

The best travel insurance for Zimbabwe we know and that most people who visit use is Nomads. To get this travel insurance there are a few steps one takes online. First visit the quotation box. This gives the cost of your travel insurance, prices differ due to nationality, age and duration of travel. After that you choose the plan you want either standard plan or explorer plan then order your policy click this link for more details.

Watch below on how to get World nomads travel insurance


It is one of the most used and trusted travel insurance company in the world. Many people use this insurance around the world hence it has honest reviews.

The insurance is backed by a of strong, secure, specialist travel insurers who provide you with great cover.24 hour emergency assistance and the highest levels of support and claim management when you need it. This gives one‘s money value in that it is flexible,they cover a lot of adventure activities in Victoria falls and around Zimbabwe. There are many other benefits of choosing them, click this link for more information.


We don’t insist to say that this and this insurance company is not good or bad. It is not true to actually label some travel insurance as bad because most of them are good. Challenges arise mostly due to the fact that people fail to read and follow the terms on the cover thoroughly and understand them before they choose the insurance. Make sure you know what it covers ,what it doesn’t cover ,which countries does it cover ,what documentation is  needed ,,what’s the procedure to follow when you want to make a claim and many other things so that you won’t face any challenges.


Travel Insurance for Zimbabwe benefits 3

First when claiming money from any travel insurance company make sure you have the necessary documentation needed .These include but are not limited to police statement ,invoices, tickets etc. This is very much crucial and make sure you follow the finer terms of the company. In most cases claims are made after you have used your own money or some financial help then you approach the travel insurance for reimbursement.

World Nomads ,also gives an option to claim your travel insurance plans online .You just visit their website and sign in ,attach your supporting documents(These are very much important make sure you have them all because ,,if one is missing it can lead to disappointment.)Other steps in case of injury or illness call assistance .Scan your receipt before you leave ,if an airline losses your gear tell them straight away ,fill in their  paperwork and keep a copy of the police statement make sure you read all the terms and details on this link.

In conclusion, there are many options to consider when choosing travel insurance for Zimbabwe. You are not limited, however considerations about company’s terms first have to be made. Our recommendation is Worldnomads. You can also check details if you click links inside this article. We are happy to disclose that if you successfully process the travel insurance using quote box on the side bar we receive a small commission. This helps us to keep writing more helpful articles and keep this site alive.

Thank you for reading our article, we hope it will help you, if you decide to get travel insurance from World Nomads make sure you read their terms and purchase when you certified beyond doubt that they are the right choice for you.


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