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A safari suitcase should contain basics ideal for any safari environment. These are must haves and should be selected with special bias towards the place one is visiting. In most cases the basics must suite any safari environment. We try to discuss some of these basics in this article with a strong bias towards the Victoria Falls Safari. The basics must include special shoes, t shirts and many other. In case of Victoria Falls there is a slight extension of things like raincoats and electronics. One should also note that these should be selected carefully so that it also complies with 23kg baggage regulations by most airlines as failure to comply may result in frustration, moreover, these should be selected in such a manner that they correlate with your custom necessities, in this article we try and help on which things are called safari basics particularly when visiting the Victoria falls.

The Victoria Falls environment and Zimbabwe and Most African safaris have a sunny and hot climate especially during summer time. 3 T shirts [men or women ], three pairs of shorts whether it’s a men or women. Make sure these are all in neutral colors like khaki, light brown, green, tan. These colors are recommended because they protect from being spotted by animals which can be either dangerous or you miss savannah t shirt 
A long-sleeved shirt[women /men] and trousers[women /men] are also essentials for a safari suitcase .They protect you during evenings which are sometimes extremely chilly ,moreover, these protect you from mosquitoes.

Pajamas [women /men] are also needed for night time sleep .The shops around can charge you a lot for these .Bringing your own is the best solution for this problem.


For Victoria Falls safari suitcase one needs to have a good pair of trainers/durable trainers [women /men] or hiking shoes mostly waterproof especially to those who want to visit the rain forest.

For all safari walking in Africa and Zimbabwe heavy duty hiking boots [women /men]are needed for protection on the rough safari terrain.

A light weight water proof jacket is needed because temperatures vary greatly and it can also protect you during a visit to the rain forest or near the falls.

Safari suitcase electronics

Sun glasses [women /men] and wide brimmed hat [women /men].These do protect you from the sun glare during the middle of the day especially if you not used to it. Make sure they are all in neutral colors.

A Warm jacket [women /men] is a necessity in the Safari suitcase mostly during winter season. The winter in Victoria Falls can be really chilly and nights also can be chilly.

Swimming Costume [women /men] .Most hotels have swimming pools and costume will not be provided. Moreover it is essential to those who want to swim on the devil’s pool.


Lamp. These are essential for any safari suitcase. They protect you during the night. Moreover, when you walk in dark place they are of great importance because Victoria Falls is well known for free roaming wild animals.

Extra batteries for phone  and cameras   so that you won’t miss your best shots. Universal adapters are also needed because sockets in some buildings may not be compatible with your own.

Binoculars . Are one of the most important gadgets for safari and viewing the falls from a distance?


Other necessities include 

It is of paramount importance to make sure that most of gadgets and accessories are waterproof and moisture friendly as the environment has some extremely humid sections.


Like most humid environments in Africa the Victoria Falls has a lot of mosquitoes that can lead to Malaria .There also many health threats like typhoid, cholera, fever, flu, bilharzia and many other common in Africa. However, there has never been a single case of Ebola in Victoria falls, Zimbabwe or Zambia. Your Safari suitcase should contain some remedies to protect you from these threats.

A good mosquito repellent is a necessity it protects from mosquito bites. Sunscreen for protection against ultra-violate rays and sun burns. Anti-bacterial wipes for protection against bacteria.
Other necessities include pain killers, anti-flue. These are just some of the basics needed maybe you can pick from this article one or two missing items on your list, moreover you can also add some like bags, safari etc. For more health related information click this link

Thank you for reading this article we hope it will help you. We did select some of the best basics throughout this article and we placed links that will lead you to the exact item on Amazon. Getting these from amazon in advance will greatly help you in many ways, you can prepare for your trip whilst at home, work or any schedule this saves time. Moreover, shops in Victoria Falls may not have some these items and in most cases they are over charged. You can also use the Amazon banner on the side bar to search for your own. We are also happy to announce that if you successfully order through amazon we get a small commission this motivates us to keep writing more helpful articles, keep our site fresh and running and some of the proceeds go to charity.

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