your safety in victoria falls Safety in Victoria  falls.known  as one of the  most human threat free tourism destinations .However  safety is always a matter of two factors the one in danger and the threat .There are some things that need attention like making sure your bag is easy to recognize ,through use of  a name tag,colour-full reborn,

keep your cards secure ,passports and travel documents.Scan them and keep them on a web based email account ,so that it well help you in case they are lost.Avoid going out at night alone ,avoid walking in dark places ,when going for game drives avoid wearing bright colors.Avoid going close to the falls mostly use marked points as the rocks maybe slippery .

Zimbabwe  is generally a safe country .Street crime ,such as pick pocketing ,bag snatching happens however .Ensure that your that your belongings are secure .Photography of people is generally no problem .But never near government offices ,airports and military establishments in addition to other sensitive areas .


AMBULANCE 04-250011/2 797479
AMBULANCE 0712-600002 & 04-771221
ROAD RESCUE 04-799249&0773-300800
POLICE  04-995

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