getting here


Getting here into the adrenaline capital needs one to
carefully plan in advance. To avoid inconveniences it is
good to prepare your trip in advance, why? Because
Victoria Falls is a busy tourism resort .Due to high
demand prices may be a little bit higher than normal it
depends with your needs. We advise visitors to always
bring a few necessary things and make sure that they
secure most of the necessary things well in advance.

Preparation requires a careful up to detail balancing act, as packing little and you spend a fortune
shopping for essential items later, or pack too much
and spend too much money on baggage fees.


Air is the most popular mode of transport in Victoria Falls. Since the Victoria Falls airport was upgraded direct flights are now saving the route. The popular routes include the Johannesburg –Victoria falls, London –Victoria falls, Addis Ababa-Victoria falls to mention but a few.
Popular airways that service the Victoria Falls
include fastjet, South African airways, Qatar airFlights to Victoria falls
ways, Ethiopian airlines and many other.

If you are able to secure your flight well in
advance before your trip, you have a chance to make
choices that suit your budget, maybe you need
the cheapest flights, best or luxurious flight.

Booking in advance also gives you a chance to make changes and adjustments moreover, it makes you to be well
prepared and get a chance to plan other issues.

We normally use jetridar during our adventure travel and we recommend you use jetridar to help you secure cheap flights to Victoria Falls. Jetridar ensures you secure Cheap international flights  through their cheap, no hidden fees, they over massive discounts, they offer 24/7 support and they have the best cancellation policy. You can use the search box below or on the side bar or you can download their mobile app click this link. Below is a Video that explains jetridar.



As well prepared
person enjoys
smoothness ofViator
the journey .To
make sure you
never have a headache of who to transfer you from
the airport to your hotel, check this link.

Moreover you can choose also to rent a car to use. We advise especially those who may want also to visit other places outside Victoria Falls to rent a car. Click this link for more information on car rental
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As adventurers ourselves we know that an adventurer without travel insurance is like an army without medics. We recommend all adventurers that travel insurance is not only important but it’s a must have basic.

Travel insurance is also very
important it covers you in case of emergency medical
expenses, repatriation in the event of illness or injury

.Make sure it includes curtailment ,personal effects
and cancellation protection as most deposits paid are
nonrefundable ,also it must cover all activities you
need to do ,if you click this link you can check one of
the most commonly preferred travel insurance. One
needs to consider securing travel insurance when
planning to visit Victoria Falls because, we all know
that Africa is not smooth like other continents hence
one needs to be well prepared against all unfortunate

Your passport must be valid for
the period of stay, make sure there are extra available
pages in your passport .For most nationalities a
tourist visa can be obtained on arrival at a fee of
between $30 and $70 payable in cash however
Zimbabwe has widely integrated cashless
transactions but check in advance visit this link, also
you can keep cash in case they refuse to accept
cards. The visa is valid for a maximum of one month
.Note also to keep the address of the address of
your hotel at hand as it is needed to enter on the
form click this link for more information on visa
requirements .If you also wish to view the Victoria falls
from both Zimbabwe and Zambia visit this link
for Zambian visa requirements.

Like most tourist resorts Victoria Falls as accommodation for all tests and styles. From luxurious hotels, mid-range accommodation, accommodation for backpackers. Click this link for more on accommodation.

Due to high demand, rooms in
Victoria Falls are always over booked but if you check
in time you save yourself from
embarrassment, booking your accommodation online
gives you the following options, a calm selection of
the best, to choose the one that suits your budget
.Click this link to get the best accommodation
available .or use search box below. Click this link for more information on accommodation.


Zimbabwe has clinics and hospitals
however ,it has some loop holes , its best to prepare all
necessary medication if you are on medication ,visit
your doctor before embarking on your journey .Also
you need yellow fever vaccination ,malaria and other
necessary vaccines ,Ebola has been a threat in Africa
however ,Zimbabwe has never experienced an
outbreak .Other health threats include typhoid
,cholera make sure you drink bottled water .Prepare all
necessary medication , bandages and all relevant
material .A small medical kit with some pain killers
,any chronic medication enough for the trip ,insect
repellent ,lip balm, plasters sedative (if you are a
nervous traveler ,anti-nausea medication ,chewing
gum for air pressure charge in the plane),tissues ,your usual toiletries and anti -malarial prophylaxes.

Zimbabwe is at a time of high cash challenges
, however there is a growing adaptation of electronic
cash systems using popular pre-loaded cards like visa
and master cards. The accepted currencies include Us
dollar ,South African R and,Pula,Chinese Yen,British
pound .Note that in order to avoid inconveniences get
everything necessary online and bring also with you
hard cash ,especially the letter currencies .

Pack mostly cotton clothing in
neutral tones work best considering that it’s a hot
climate .Pack about 3 t- shirts(men or women) and three pairs
of shorts( men or women).Do not pack white shirts ,they are highly
visible to animals in case you may want to visit parks
.Long sleeved shirt(women /men) and trousers(women /men) for evenings which can be extremely chilly and they also protect you from
mosquitoes .Lightweight water proof jacket is
needed because temperatures vary greatly .A good
pair of trainers or hiking shoes(women /men) unless you are
walking safari ,there is no need of heavy duty hiking
boots(women /men) ,you also need a good pair of durable trainers .A
wide brimmed hat(women /men) to shade your eyes the back of
your neck to avoid sunburns .

Sunscreen .Choose a sun screen with high s.p.f or sun
protection ,factor between 30 and 50 and be sure it
protects against both U.V.A and U.V.B rays
.Sunglasses(women /men) to protect yourself from the sun glare
during the middle of the day especially if you not used
to it.
good camera  and its charger ,spare memory cards to fully capture your adventures ,maybe it’s a once in a lifetime experience and also bring adapters.

We are happy to disclose that all the highlighted texts on this page will direct you to different websites. If you successfully secure a reservations or booking through these links we also get small commissions. The commissions help us to keep our site alive, to keep us writing more good and quality content, also some of the proceeds go towards charity.

Thank you for reading, if you found this page helpful, we would be happy if you could write some helpful comments and questions.



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