Other places around Zimbabwe include Great Zimbabwe .Some call it the Grand  medieval capital of Zimbabwe ,situated in Masvingo town.It is the one that originally gave rise to the name of the nation .It is the largest and most significant ancient moment south of the Sahara,.It was home to aproximatley 2000 shona speaking people between 12th and 15th century as well as a center of trade .

Historians and archaeologists are still excited about this place ,it is surrounded by many unanswered equations,like who built them ?where are the graves of the deceased leaders ,why was it abandoned and many other questions.

It has some of the best beds and breakfast facilities and it is great to visit 

Great Zimbabwe
Victoria falls great landforms


Situated in Chinhoyi town ,one the most popular pools is the pool of fallen warriors ,called Chirorodziva and the main attraction pool .The Pool rest 46m below ground level and they are approximately 88-91m dip ,no one has ever reached the end of the pool or go as deep as 88-91m .This is why the most adventurous people visit this place every time .


Located 40km south east of Bulawayo the city of kings and Queens .It houses extraordinarily granite formations ,cave paintings of the san people done thousands of years ago ,it is also known to have the largest concentration of Rhino and leopard populations in the world .No wonder why Cecil John Rhodes wrote a will that he would be buried there and thats where he is buried 

hwange national park


The largest national park in Zimbabwe which is appropriately 1,5 million hectares .The park houses over 200 bird species and there are lodgings that overlooks the Ganda pan,a natural waterhole which attracts elephants ,buffaloes,lions and large variety of water foul.

Kariba dam


House to Africa ‘s best kept secret .Its the largest man made lake in the world 280km long and 40km  at its widest point .

The best kept secret is the myth about the famous River God called “Nyaminyami” who is believed have been separated from his love partner by the dam wall.

The Dam supports human life and wildlife .Its also one of the Attractions along the Zambezi river .People enjoy boat cruises in the dam and many other breath taking activities whilst enjoying the African sunshine .

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