Kayaking in Victoria falls  is a fun and adventurous activity of riding small self paddled boats ,along the Zambezi riverkayaking .They are various types of boats some built for two and some three .This activity however ,has strict weight  restrictions.

kayaking in Victoria falls is one of the adrenaline junk fanatic must do activities.Most people embark in competitions and there is also a festival dedicated towards this lovely activity.

You can also choose to just peddle with a guide whilst viewing amazing game ,gorges  and the Zambezi river.

Due to high demand this activity is mostly over booked.Checking availability in advance and online will save you from frustration.Moreover if you book through Viator you get a 10% discount.Checking online gives you an option to view honest reviews.We are also happy to disclose that if you successfully book this activity through Viator online we also get a small commission. These commissions help us to keep our site alive and they motivate us to improve.Some of the proceeds also go to charity.

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