Flights to Victoria falls 

When it comes to connecting Flights to Victoria Falls there are many options. These depend on where you are coming from. Some countries have direct flights to Victoria Falls, in some countries one to interconnect flights. There are also choices to make like which airport to arrive at between Livingstone international airport and the recently revamped Victoria Falls international airport. This article will try to explore some of these options.

The Victoria Falls are saved by two airports namely the Livingstone airport in Livingstone Zambia and Victoria Falls international airport in Zimbabwe .The Victoria Falls international airport was recently upgraded and it can now accommodate direct flights and big flights like the Boeing 747.According to the chronicle “since this development bigger planes interested. According to the tourism update they are saving this route consistently.

Johannesburg South Africa -Victoria Falls Zimbabwe
This route is host to several flights to Victoria Falls. It also plays a role as a linkage between Victoria Falls and the rest of the world since most major airlines from most countries fly directly to Johannesburg. Some fly to Livingstone and others to Victoria Falls international airport.
London [UK]-Victoria fallZimbabwe 
Manchester [UK]-Victoria falls Zimbabwe 
Capetown [SA]-Victoria falls Zimbabwe 
Addis Ababa [Ethiopia ]-Victoria Falls 
Harare [Zim]-Victoria falls 

Flights to Victoria falls 2

Popular airlines on this route 
Fastjet is an African low cost airline it began on the 31th of July 2018.Their regular plane is the Embraer E145 aircraft .According to Miss Faith Charterer the regional marketing boss in an interview with the Chronicle ,she said “Fastjet ‘s on-time performance permanently settles around the 90% mark and the airline was recently recognized by the prestigious industry body skyrax as the best low cost airline in Africa”.

South African Airways, the flagship of South Africa used to service this route with a 138 seat A320 plane. After the commissioning of the new Airport in Victoria falls they now bring the wide bodied 232 seat Airbus A330-200.It services the Cape town-Victoria falls route on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Airlink is a South African airline. It services the Cape Town -Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. They fly the 37 Seater Embraer EJ135 plane however, occasionally due to high demand they use an 83 seater plane.

Kenya airways the pride of Kenya is one of the flights to Victoria Falls. They service the Cape Town -Victoria Falls route on Saturday, Monday, Thursday and fly to Nairobi from Thursday onwards they fly to Nairobi. They use the Embraer E190 Configured with 12 seats business and 84 in economy.

Ethiopian airways they are the flag carrier of Ethiopia they use the Boeing 737 but during high demand days they use the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. They service the Addis Ababa -Victoria Falls. Cape Town -Victoria falls. It flies on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday then flies back on the same day via Gaborone Botswana and also links 85 destinations.

Air Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe’s airline services the Harare -Victoria Falls route, Johannesburg-Victoria falls. Route.

British airways Services the London -Victoria Falls route and Manchester -Victoria Falls route. Johannesburg -Victoria Falls .The pride of England uses the Boeing 737-400 planes.

This is just a quick summary, flights to Victoria Falls are plenty .There is a wide array to select from. We have partnered the world’s most used service provider to help you on well updated prices, time tables and available flights from your destination, you can use search box below or on the side bar. This also saves a lot. We are happy about disclose that if you successfully secure your flight through jet radar we get a small commission this keeps our sight moving ,some of the proceeds go to charity. Thank you for reading our article, feel free to comment, send feedback and share.

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